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Patience in the Midst of “Failures”

by Rob

Patience, patience, patience. When it comes to pursuing goals, it is hard for me to be patient especially when I have this notion that running into any obstacles means that I have become a “failure” and that it will be harder to accomplish my goals. In the past two and a half years repeatedly I […]

Reflections on an Old Carol

by Rob

“The angel Gabriel from Heaven came His wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame ‘All hail,’ said he, ‘Thou lowly maiden Mary, Most highly favored lady, Gloria!’” For a lot of people, the subject of Christmas music is a pretty sticky one. Everybody has their own rules about when the consumption of Christmas music […]

Called to the Present

by Rob

I have always been someone who questions my purpose. Most of the time, whether it was a volunteer position or a job, I would start to question what I was doing and start looking for something new and what I thought was “better” a little before I had been there 2 years. I felt that […]

Counter-Cultural Hospitality

by Rob

One person has stated that hospitality is resistance.  In a world that caters to the rich, uber-gifted and best looking, true Biblical hospitality is a prophetic voice.  When the larger empire disregards and dishonors certain persons, small acts of respect and welcome are powerful gestures of a greater Kingdom!  The apostle Paul commanded the Christian […]