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Reflections on an Old Carol

by Rob

“The angel Gabriel from Heaven came His wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame ‘All hail,’ said he, ‘Thou lowly maiden Mary, Most highly favored lady, Gloria!’” For a lot of people, the subject of Christmas music is a pretty sticky one. Everybody has their own rules about when the consumption of Christmas music […]

Whom Shall We Fear?

by Rob

Several years ago, I spent a summer working as an intern for a children’s ministry, helping with a summer Vacation Bible School program. During a daily session, one of the leaders was giving a message about fear, and asked kids to shout out some things that frightened them. Amidst the greatest hits being shared by […]

Purpose and Productivity

by Rob

If you don’t read any further than this first paragraph, that is completely fine, because I believe it holds an important axiom on which we are to base our entire lives as believers. It is an all encapsulating, unshakeable truth, often wrapped in cliches and Christian platitudes, and mostly diluted to the point of seeming […]

Why Do We Worship?

by Rob

Psalm 95: 6-7 “Come, let us worship Him. Everyone bow down; kneel before the Eternal who made us. 7 For He is our God and we are His people, the flock of His pasture, His sheep protected and nurtured by His hand. Today, if He speaks, hear His voice.” How and why do you worship? […]