partner_hands (2)As our community at Immanuel Church continues to grow, we want to think through what it looks like to really live life together outside of Sunday morning.

Importance: We think it is important to think outside of the normal small group box that many churches fall into. We don’t want to create a “quick fix” to building community. Rather, we hope to provide opportunities for genuine relationship and discipleship.

When thinking about what it looks like for us as Immanuel Church to do life together outside of our normal Sunday gathering, we want to focus on two criteria: organic formation and values driven.

Organic Formation: Each group meets when and how often it chooses and structures itself as the community sees fit. It might meet once a week on an evening like a traditional Missional Community or it might be built around a communal meal or perhaps it might be created around a specific missional thrust.  Our hope is that the form will serve the function of what we’re trying to accomplish – genuine life together.

Values Driven: We have asked the question, if we were to truly live life together what would our community regard important, important enough to re-contour our lives to express love to our neighbors, while extending to one another in such a way as to knit a fabric that truly resembles the kingdom community.

These values are expressed in the following statement: Our intention is to share life together in smaller communities, discovering what it means to experience and follow Jesus by showing hospitality, sharing meals, engaging Scripture, praying together, doing justice and living missionally.

Contact: If you sense the need to connect at a deeper level with others, if you long to be equipped to live the gospel out in our city with authenticity and vibrancy, if you sense that a community o faith needs more than a weekly meeting to be a full-orbed experience in Christ, and want more, let me encourage you to investigate one of our Life Together Communities.

For more general information on the different expression we have email Rob at or regarding details such as gathering locations, contact one of our leaders listed below: