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We believe that church is much more than what happens on a Sunday morning. To be the church is to live life in the name of Christ, together. 

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our philosophy


Why do life together?

As our community at Immanuel Church continues to grow, we want to think through what it looks like to really live life together outside of Sunday morning.



We think it is important to think outside of the normal small group box that many churches fall into. We don’t want to create a “quick fix” to building community. Rather, we hope to provide opportunities for genuine relationship and discipleship.

When thinking about what it looks like for us as Immanuel Church to do life together outside of our normal Sunday gathering, we want to focus on two criteria: organic formation and values driven.


organic formation

Each group meets when and how often it chooses and structures itself as the community sees fit. It might meet once a week on an evening like a traditional Missional Community or it might be built around a communal meal or perhaps it might be created around a specific missional thrust.  Our hope is that the form will serve the function of what we’re trying to accomplish – genuine life together.

values driven

We have asked the question, if we were to truly live life together what would our community regard important, important enough to re-contour our lives to express love to our neighbors, while extending to one another in such a way as to knit a fabric that truly resembles the kingdom community.


life together mission statement

These values are expressed in the following statement: Our intention is to share life together in smaller communities, discovering what it means to experience and follow Jesus by showing hospitality, sharing meals, engaging Scripture, praying together, doing justice and living missionally.


sunday mornings


being together is important

Most of us have church baggage. We've been burned or confused or convicted somewhere along the way and we're desperate for the church to be what the church should be. That said, it is really hard for the church to evolve into it's true identity if those of us who are passionate about that transformation move away instead of move toward. We meet on Sunday mornings not for the sake of piety, habit, morality or convenience, but because we know Christ meets us in this place, uses us in one another's lives and reforms us as a body into his image. Each of us are invited into this equally unified and diverse body to reform, create, serve and be served. 

come to the table

We take communion together every week. This sacrament invites us into confession, unity, remembrance and most importantly into Christ himself. All are invited to come and taste and see the love and person of Christ.

children are beautiful and important

We love our babies and kids. We are constantly learning from their joy and honesty and hope. Kids are always welcome at Immanuel, and you can count on kids care options for infants through 6th grade. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us!

sundays @ 8:30 + 10:30am

1309 North Ash Street
Spokane, WA, 99201
United States


life together groups


Northwest Area

tuesdays @ 6pm

This group, led by Rob and Robi Fairbanks, is a well-attended, multigenerational group that meets in the Fairbanks' home. They meet for a potluck dinner every Tuesday. Shoot Rob an email if you're interested in checking it out!

West Central

Mondays @ 6:30pm

This Immanuel life together group meets in the West Central neighborhood! Our intention is to create a warm welcoming environment every Monday night for our group members and to dream together of ways to know and serve the wonderful people in the neighborhood. If you live in West Central or have a heart for this particular neighborhood, please come! Contact Melissa Kuhn 509-863-5981 or Debbie Waltman 509-710-8695 for more information.

Southwest Area

Sundays @ 6pm

Most often, this group meets on the South Hill at the home of Bob and Danielle Riggs, and is co-lead by the Riggs and the Midkiffs. As another multigenerational group (with quite the crew of kiddos!), they welcome anyone looking for a deeper Immanuel community. Contact Danielle if you'd like to join them sometime!

West Central


Led by David Castro, this new group meets at David’s home just north of Cannon Park in the West Central neighborhood. They welcome those looking for more community! The mission statement of this group is to: “To embody Christ and his radical love through deep life together.” Reach out to David to learn more about this new Immanuel Community!

South Hill


Led by Christa and Jake Hughes, this new group meets at the Hughes’ home on the South Hill, near Manito Park. Contact Jake to learn more about and join this new Immanuel Community group!

West Central

Sundays @ 6pm

This new Immanuel Community group meets mostly in Nina and Phil Moore’s home in the West Central neighborhood! This group has a deep desire to do life like Christ did (and does) together. They have a desire to support and challenge each other through discipleship, service and real life. Connect with Phil to learn more about this new Immanuel Community crew.

Indian Trail

Undetermined Time

This is a new Immanuel Community group scheduled to begin meeting around the end of October, 2019. Join Diane and Mike Midkiff and Susan and Doug Asbjornsen as they begin doing life together in the Indian Trail and Audubon neighborhoods! Reach out to either the Midkiff’s or the Asbjornsen’s to learn more about and join this new group!

Interested in starting a new group? 

We'd love to hear from you if you are potentially interested in starting up a new group. Chances are, there's a few people thinking about it who could make up a stellar new group! You're not locked into anything if you contact us, we'd just love to help facilitate a new group starting if there's a handful of people thinking about it.


upcoming events

Check out what additional events, retreats, and special dates are on our calendar!